Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fear Rant Part 1

The following is one of my Facebook statuses that I was recommended to share more publicly.  **Language warning, there is some swearing**

"If I see ONE more fucking post about how Angelina Jolie's "public stunt" or "fear based decision" is going to just cause panic in perfectly healthy people I'm going to fucking snap! Of course fear was a fucking factor! We're talking about cancer, not a stuffed nose and itchy eyes!! She saw her mother go through the treatments, she got news that she carries a mutated gene that has been proven over the years to increase your chances of getting certain cancers substantially!

I think more people are pissed off that she's doing this in the public eye, well guess what? People are uneducated in the ways of cancer until it's too late. People are scared. People know that there's only so much control one has over their body and cells. Perfectly healthy people, people that went to extremes like, people that followed vegan lifestyles, people that exercised every day, can still get diagnosed with cancer! Cancer is like the Honey Badger: it doesn't give a fuck!

If someone finds out that medically they are a high risk of getting something and there's a procedure to make that risk drop substantially, get your head out of your ass and support them, whether they decide to go with the procedure or NOT!

It's their life, their choice, and you have no say unless they personally ask you for your option!

 And in case you have never seen the "Honey Badger" video:

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