Thursday, 21 February 2013

Benefits to having Cancer: Part Two

You will feel important with your new "entourage".  Only they're not wealthy friends and followers, they're your gp, oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, plastic surgeon, social worker, and as many nurses as the day is long.

Your period will be booted out for an indefinite amount of time.  Thus you will save even more $ with not having to purchase maxi pads or tampons.

If you don't understand medical terms you will rival most doctors by the time you finish treatment.

You feel like a superhero with an alter ego with all the wigs in your repertoire.

The opportunity to have that boob size you always wanted is now courtesy of your health care.  Be as boobilicious as you like!

If you are able to ever have children again, you don't have to worry about lactating and expensive maternity bras!

You can impress all your geek friends with how remarkable your Darth Sidious costume looks! (No makeup required! Just a black cloak)


Monday, 4 February 2013

World Cancer Day

Apparently we now have a World Cancer Day.  Perhaps we've had it all along, but this is the first I've heard of it.  My thoughts?  My heart is so disgusted that we need a day of recognition for this.  I wish it was something that never took parts of my body, my friends' bodies, and worse, my friends.  But as we have Remembrance Day to remember that many have come home shells of themselves or those that have lost their lives to bring you the world you have today, I guess I can understand why some would start a day for cancer.  I am not saying having cancer is in any way truly comparable to what those enlisted must endure, so please no comments on that, it is simply a comparison of why there are days of recognition.

What does one do on World Cancer Day?  How about you hug a loved one and be thankful they are there.  Smile at the way you look in the mirror, for you are here, and don't belittle the "imperfections" society has burned into your psyche.  Laugh at a joke your friend tells you or sends to you online.  Call someone you've not spoken to in a long time.  Schedule a check up with your doctor.  Ask a professional about that spot/lump/odd body function that appeared and you never wanted to bring up.

Send a note saying I miss you to someone that didn't make it.

If cancer is going to have a day to be thought of world wide, don't focus on the cancer, focus on the person dealing with it.