Sunday, 31 July 2011

Me-Ow! :D

A friend on Google+ posted this and made my day <3  Watch and fall in love with the Nyan Cat!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

All by myself *insert cheezie music here*

My hubby was told to go join his ship in Europe, so now my son and I are on our own.  Beside the fact that I miss him like mad and will be counting the seconds till we're together again, I could normally function perfectly fine with he was sailing for his extended trips.  Only before I didn't have a slew of health issues...

Day one of fully on my own has been interesting, full of back pain, leg numbness, headaches, and even a stabbing pain in my right leg (that's new!).  I'm curious how I'll fare with this, especially since it's starting to look like the insurance company will no longer be giving me any assistance.  Now I get to try to function on my own and try to figure out how to get the bills paid!  Oh joy! :D ... -_-

But onto another rant for now, one thing that I did want to mention out to those that do read this blog, if you have any friends or family that are married into the military I want to give you some advice: NEVER ever ever ever say to them "well, it's what you (he/she/they) signed up for" when their loved one leaves and not expect to get either tortured silence or daggers stared at you from behind glazed eyes.  Yes, we know they are required to leave, but guess what, we do not want them to leave.  Saying that to the person will pretty much make them never want to talk to you about any issues they have again.  Why not just go up to a person with cancer that chose to undergo chemotherapy and is complaining about being sick and losing their hair and say "well, it's what you signed up for".  Sometimes the choice is made because it is the only way for our lives to continue the best way we can.  Don't you think that if my husband was offered a job that paid the same amount and same benefits plus kept him home he'd take it?  But think about it, if he didn't go, someone else would.  What if there was no one willing to separate from all they love for weeks/months on end?  What then?

So count your blessings and tell those you love that you love them.  And don't belittle a person's sacrifice to make the world a better place.  Because, believe it or not, that's what both the military member and their family are doing every time they're deployed.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

YACC Survivor Conference 2011 cont..

We've been busy with the move and whatnot around here but I thought I'd take a quick second to post up some information about the YACC Survivor Conference 2011 that is straight from the horse's mouth:

"Young Adult Cancer Canada is inviting all young adults dealing with cancer in Canada* to join us in Ottawa from November 3-7, 2011 for the 5th Annual Survivor Conference. We will spend four days building our community, sharing our experiences, and learning how to make the rest of our lives the best of our lives with others who truly “get it.” The weekend will feature professional speakers, workshops, small group discussions, and free time to connect on a personal level.

The Survivor Conference is also our annual reunion where past program alumni are encouraged to come back and reconnect with the friends they have made in the past while they’re making new friends.

The program is free for survivors and one supporter, all we ask is that you cover your travel to and from Ottawa. We’ll take care of the rest from your hotel room to your meals.  We also have some travel assistance available and great fundraising ideas to help you cover some of the cost of travel. 

Please visit our website ( or contact for more information and to apply!

*diagnosed and currently between 18-39."
This is a great opportunity to all who can try to make it.  And apply even if you're having financial issues, you'd be surprised how many organizations and people will try to help out with the travel costs when they hear what this is about. :)  Hope to see some of you there!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

But are you positive?

Why is it that some people seem to just gravitate to others, almost like moths to a flame?  Why is it when a child laughs wholeheartedly, no matter how grumpy the surrounding people they crack a smile?  It's a simple answer, so simple that it gets scoffed at by a lot these days.  Positivity, like happiness, is contagious.

Being positive throughout cancer and other hiccups in life can be very trying.  Unfortunately even though positivity is contagious, negativity is commanding.  Having to come to grips with "I cannots" and "I never wills" in life is always depressing.  So I've got a small exercise for you :)

Make a positive list.  It's as cheesy as a romantic comedy but soooo effective.  Here's your rules though:
Grab a paper and write a number for every year you've traveled around the sun (how old you are).
Start writing positive things about you or that have happened in your life
**The biggest rule is this, however: NO NEGATIVITY! I don't care if it turned out to be positive in the end.  So no "I lost friends but found out who my true friends are", write "I have stronger friendships".  Got it? No negatives!

I'll show you the start of mine :)
1. I have Mike
2. I have Archer
3. I can draw well
4. I have my family's support
5. I'm cancer free!
6. I have my kitties
7. We have a house
8. We have food every day
9. I have a great support group
10. I've lost 15 lbs :D

So get your list going, small things or big things, it doesn't matter :)  And if you feel compelled to go passed your age, feel free!  Then read it over whenever you need a boost. :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pain and annoyances

Well, I did not fall off the face of the planet, but have had a lot to do lately.  My hubby found out he's most likely going to the ship over in Libya soon for a couple months so we've been trying to put a move on.. well, moving.  Only problem is I still have a bad back, cranky shoulder/neck, and we cannot work on the houses with our son in tow.  Thanks to my parents we've managed to get some work done, but it's a slow going venture for the injured, can't paint long, can't lift anything heavy, can't work long,.. I'm really starting to hate the word "can't".

We had some hiccups with people not showing up when they say they would, repeatedly.  Honestly, is there anything more annoying than having someone promise you they'll be there and get something done, only to find out they never came and never called to let you know.  Well, people started doing that, and I cannot stand it.  If you cannot help, do not offer.  If you offer but something comes up, let the person know.  I don't see it as that far from common sense but apparently it is.

No updates with the cancer recovery process.  I've not heard a thing about reconstruction, but I suppose I can say that the darkened skin from radiation is dulling in colour.  I think it's healing nicely.  I am trying to catch up on things that are non-fix-up-the-house related but being as freaking sore as I am, it's a very slow going venture of its own.

Hopefully soon I'll be posting that the move is over so we can relax more.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

YACC Survivor Conference 2011

Hey all!  If you or someone you know had/has cancer between the ages of 18-39 and is still between the ages of 18-39 (ish) please look into this year's YACC Survivor Conference in Ottawa.  If you are just over the age, email them anyways, you may still be accepted.  This is a great time for all, so apply today! :D I'll be there!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy 144th bday Canada!

Have a drink and toast it to one of the best countries around!  Glad to be a Canadian!  I'm one of the "lucky" cancer patients that was born in a country that has a medical plan to take care of all their citizens :)  So let's hear it for Canada and all the military members that support her freedom and keep the peace!

And a great vid for ya: