Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Quiet on the Eastern front

Hello all, sorry for being a bit distant for the past few weeks.  There's been a lot to do on this side of the screen.  Back appointments (I really wish they'd find something to help that already >_<), getting things squared away with the upcoming reconstruction (yeah!), and of course, just life having it's fun with me lol.

I do hope that everyone is enjoying their January 2012.  I know a lot of people have started sites and Facebook pages to encourage Mattel to actually commission a Cancer Barbie, I've been connected to "help support by clicking like" by many groups.  I see the picture of the Disney Princesses bald circulating a lot lately, as well.  I'm glad people are trying to take a stand in what they believe in.  I am disheartened by those that seem to feel the need to argue all of these efforts and even though I respect the fact that they are fully in their rights to voice their opinion, I guess I prefer the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" approach.  Especially with things as sensitive as terminal illnesses.

What I'd like to say to all those that are pushing for the toy industry to help make change, start looking inward first.  There's one song by Michael Jackson that will always get my heart, and that's Man in the Mirror.  It's very true.  If you think that girls feel unpretty (great song by TLC, too!) because they have lost their hair and figure because of their cancer and other illnesses, please start by teaching your daughters, neices, cousins, friends, family that it is okay to not look like the models, the actresses, and the popstars to be beautiful.  Show them that the beauty is the things that make us all different.  Beauty is what makes you smile from your heart, not your image.  We are all beautiful.


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