Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lil Black Cloud

In the five minutes I get to steal for myself I figured it was about time I finally posted something newer.  New month started and I just haven't been able to post.  It makes me feel lazy.  I guess I can't fully feel that way when I'm trying to understand why my back injuries are flared up like fireworks on Canada Day, and my son was severely ill last weekend.  Also have started up a Young Adult group in NS for those of us dealing or that dealt with cancer.  As far as I can tell it's the first one in Halifax.  Search Young Adults in NS & Cancer (YANSCancer) on Facebook if you'd like to join...  There's my self plug for now.

My five minutes are already being cut short so I'll try to type quick:

I don't know if the mood is coming across but there's been something looming over me lately and I wish it would f@** off.  I've been trying to move ahead in life and I feel like someone has a voodoo doll of me in their closet that they wrapped in duct tape to keep me from being able to progress.  Just when things seem to finally be coming into place a wrench is being conveniently thrown at the gears, bouncing off, and smacking me in the forehead.  I try to remain optimistic and "cheery" only to discover that annoying black cloud is still hovering over me saying "I dare you to smile".  And if I do smile, it unleashes the snow/sleet/rain/etc to make sure I land square on my butt.

Short post for now.  I hope the next one has more good news than this one.  Wish me luck, I see the shadows creeping in.

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