Saturday, 1 October 2011

Taboo to say out loud

When did we become a society that thinks it's horrible to have beliefs?  We "can" talk about having opinions on heavy weighted subjects like religion, sexuality, and human rights.  Try saying or writing down in public that you have a religion though, and watch the fur fly!

As you may or may not know, I am Christian.  If you get into specifics, I'm Baptist.  No additions to it, just Baptist.  I have always tried to be open to learning about other religions and beliefs.  I voice my opinion, I listen to theirs.  Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.  I believe in the Bible, I believe in Jesus Christ (hence being Christian), I believe in God, and I believe in the teachings of the Bible, like the "Golden Rule" and the 10 Commandments.  Let's continue with my rant...

Some people seem to love to attack anyone the says they are Christian.  For some reason they immediately start thinking you're going to claim supremacy, demanding they convert to your religion or they will attack you in their crusade.  Because all Christians love a good crusade!..  Yes, some people in the past decided to go to war and had their sword in one hand and their other sword, the Bible (it is referred to as a sword), in their other hand and suddenly all people with beliefs in Jesus Christ are crazed lunatics.  Forget the fact that the wars that were created for reasons other than what is written in the Bible.  Someone mistook something or twisted it to suit their needs and cried out for retribution that was not even required.  I'm sorry, I forgot which Commandment said, go forth and kill all that do not think the same as you.

The Commandments are most of our justice system.  Things like do not steal, do not commit adultery, and do not lie/say false testimony.  And there's common sense things, don't lust over what someone else has, honour your parents, and have a day of rest.  Such backwards thinking, suggesting that we should be good to each other!  Yes, we Christians sure are a crazy bunch!

So when did it become taboo to say out loud that we believe in a deity that calls himself Lord, the Alpha and Omega?  I cannot say, but for me, I remember all through growing up people bashing religion.  If you do not believe, fine.  That's your right.  And it is my right to believe.  As long as I don't go around trying to say you need to convert to my religion or I'll hurt you, what is so wrong with wanting to say out loud: "I am Christian."  Technically nothing.  But having to defend myself every time I say it lessens my hope for society on a whole.  We claim that our society is a learning culture, a loving and accepting one, but because somewhere someone did some crime in the name of the Bible that had nothing to do with the Lord's teachings, we are now ostracized.

I remember people talking of Dungeons and Dragons in hushed tones because some kids claimed they had to go out and commit crimes because D&D "made" them do it.  Well guess what people, it's called a cop-out.  And I assure you, it's not a new concept.  Do you really think the kings and nobles didn't think that the best way to get support of their subjects would be to aim at something they cherished, like their beliefs.  No, of course not, no higher political power would ever try to use their people's hearts to steer them in the wrong direction.. ever...

Well, I guess this is a full on rant now.  Basically, I'm asking for people to stop attacking each other for desire to follow a religion.  Now for an image that seems to be circulating like wildfire, perhaps because it's so true...
Some of my personal beliefs:
God has many names.
God teaches love, humans figured out hate all on their own.
Just because you don't believe in Him, doesn't mean He doesn't believe in you.


  1. Hi there! I'm a young cancer patient from Ontario - just discovered your blog, really enjoying it. I keep a blog as well...And I'm a Christian too :-)
    I'll keep reading. God bless!

  2. Hi Robin! Welcome to my blog! If you have facebook you can also like the page ( so you can get updates when I make new posts and such. God bless!! :D