Monday, 23 April 2012

Benefits to Having Cancer - Part One

This list will vary depending on treatment but in a nutshell"

You never get an eyelash in your eye.

Your "bad hair days" disappear.

Other go out and pay to consume items that make them nauseated and dizzy, you got the health care system covering your tab!

You get to try out that "Brazilian" without the ouch.  Oo-la-la!

The money you save on razors, shampoo, and conditioner is astounding.

Hearing people complain about sunburns brings a giggle to your breath every time.

Posting "Chemo Patient Inside" is a great deterrent for solicitors.

You now have guilt to help you get that last piece of cheesecake - "Did I tell you about that last chemo treatment I had?  Are you going to eat that?"

Saying "I have/had cancer" shuts up pretty much everyone.

You find out there IS a Cancer Card...  And you learn how to pull it!


More to come, off to bed for now!  Nites!

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