Thursday, 21 February 2013

Benefits to having Cancer: Part Two

You will feel important with your new "entourage".  Only they're not wealthy friends and followers, they're your gp, oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, plastic surgeon, social worker, and as many nurses as the day is long.

Your period will be booted out for an indefinite amount of time.  Thus you will save even more $ with not having to purchase maxi pads or tampons.

If you don't understand medical terms you will rival most doctors by the time you finish treatment.

You feel like a superhero with an alter ego with all the wigs in your repertoire.

The opportunity to have that boob size you always wanted is now courtesy of your health care.  Be as boobilicious as you like!

If you are able to ever have children again, you don't have to worry about lactating and expensive maternity bras!

You can impress all your geek friends with how remarkable your Darth Sidious costume looks! (No makeup required! Just a black cloak)


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