Thursday, 30 July 2015

Gotta brush that hair off your shoulder...

It's official.  I'm seeing hair (albeit stubby lil hairs since having shaved earlier in the month) on my towels after bathing.  My head itches, I scratch, I see hair stuck to my nails.


No matter how much I say that I know it's coming, that I will lose my hair, there's something you should know about me: I stay too bloody positive and hopeful.  Some people don't lose their hair to chemos and others will every time.  We all react differently to different medicines.  I hoped this new chemo would not make my hair fall out.  There was a slight chance.  Very slight.  Okay, almost no chance, but it was still a chance, dammit!

Please!  No "you're still beautiful" or "it's just hair" comments.  You mean well, but the dead horse is listing lazily to the left over there, if you hurry you can still beat it.  Just let me wallow in the fact that cancer is again very real in my life.  It's another reminder of what is hidden me, for my cancer is not presently visible.

Now excuse me as I invest in lint rollers for my failing hair follicles.


  1. Do you still have to shave those hairy legs?

    1. all hair falls out, even leg hair lol