Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pain and annoyances

Well, I did not fall off the face of the planet, but have had a lot to do lately.  My hubby found out he's most likely going to the ship over in Libya soon for a couple months so we've been trying to put a move on.. well, moving.  Only problem is I still have a bad back, cranky shoulder/neck, and we cannot work on the houses with our son in tow.  Thanks to my parents we've managed to get some work done, but it's a slow going venture for the injured, can't paint long, can't lift anything heavy, can't work long,.. I'm really starting to hate the word "can't".

We had some hiccups with people not showing up when they say they would, repeatedly.  Honestly, is there anything more annoying than having someone promise you they'll be there and get something done, only to find out they never came and never called to let you know.  Well, people started doing that, and I cannot stand it.  If you cannot help, do not offer.  If you offer but something comes up, let the person know.  I don't see it as that far from common sense but apparently it is.

No updates with the cancer recovery process.  I've not heard a thing about reconstruction, but I suppose I can say that the darkened skin from radiation is dulling in colour.  I think it's healing nicely.  I am trying to catch up on things that are non-fix-up-the-house related but being as freaking sore as I am, it's a very slow going venture of its own.

Hopefully soon I'll be posting that the move is over so we can relax more.

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  1. Oh my Julie....I can't wait to see you in November!!