Tuesday, 19 July 2011

But are you positive?

Why is it that some people seem to just gravitate to others, almost like moths to a flame?  Why is it when a child laughs wholeheartedly, no matter how grumpy the surrounding people they crack a smile?  It's a simple answer, so simple that it gets scoffed at by a lot these days.  Positivity, like happiness, is contagious.

Being positive throughout cancer and other hiccups in life can be very trying.  Unfortunately even though positivity is contagious, negativity is commanding.  Having to come to grips with "I cannots" and "I never wills" in life is always depressing.  So I've got a small exercise for you :)

Make a positive list.  It's as cheesy as a romantic comedy but soooo effective.  Here's your rules though:
Grab a paper and write a number for every year you've traveled around the sun (how old you are).
Start writing positive things about you or that have happened in your life
**The biggest rule is this, however: NO NEGATIVITY! I don't care if it turned out to be positive in the end.  So no "I lost friends but found out who my true friends are", write "I have stronger friendships".  Got it? No negatives!

I'll show you the start of mine :)
1. I have Mike
2. I have Archer
3. I can draw well
4. I have my family's support
5. I'm cancer free!
6. I have my kitties
7. We have a house
8. We have food every day
9. I have a great support group
10. I've lost 15 lbs :D

So get your list going, small things or big things, it doesn't matter :)  And if you feel compelled to go passed your age, feel free!  Then read it over whenever you need a boost. :)


  1. Oh lord that's a lot of numbers....I'm not sure I can come up with that many positives! If I do though, I will let you know. Might take a few days!

  2. Julie- after a long day (like today), this post really cheered me up and it's a great idea!! You always have such great posts!