Friday, 30 December 2011

A cure for cancer found but no one cared

I won't get into a long spiel, I want you to fully read this article that I'm attaching *CLICK HERE*

I will say that this is why most people that create items that can help us avoid going to the pharmaceutical companies and try to go private.

*Edit Dec 30 14:22 AST
I was looking up info on this and found the site that would have started this, it was from 2007, and has more updates but the last one was 2010 CLICK HERE Looks like there may be signs of truth to this, but the author in the site that I have in this blog may not have researched it enough to get the proper facts before publishing.  I remain optimistic that this has several grains of truth and that the pharmaceutical side is trying to keep it "hush hush" and attempting to make it look like a hoax so people forget about it

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  1. I posted this, and another friend posted a link from Snopes showing this to be false, and something that pops up every few years. :( And here I was all excited!