Friday, 2 December 2011


I've been putting off working on my webcomic because of one real reason.  I had not found the particular style I want to use.  I know some may say to this "Just draw your own way", and to this I say, you're not an artist because you say that.  There is such a variety in formats to portray fictional characters and I have grown as an artist in learning various methods and formats.  There were a few things I made my mind on.  Things like, the style for my "were" creatures, that I was sure of, the mood of the comic, the events I wanted to have in certain areas.  But it is hard to get started when the proper way to express the characters is missing.

I have found myself looking at various webcomics, paper comics (yes, they still exist), cartoons, animes, and more trying to think of what I want and what I can convey.  Simple fact is as soon as I find it, or should I say, as soon as I found it, it would just click.  My belief in myself as an artist knows that once I found it I could do it.  It's not vanity, it's the knowledge that I have the skills to work and create the images in my head as soon as I have the format logically formulated.  And I'm glad to say, today, I became convinced that I found "the style".  Pics to follow >_>

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