Friday, 23 March 2012

Freed From Captivity - Adventures in Reconstruction

I've been in the hospital since Saturday afternoon.  On St Patty's day I forgot to where green, so my left breast (the new mastectomy) decided to ooze green to make me more festive!  I had an infection, the breast turned red, I was in extreme sudden pain, and the smell was not that of roses... EW...

I was attached to an IV and given antibiotics and fluid (I had not been able to eat in 24 hours).  They forbade me from food after midnight because if I didn't show signs of responding to the antibiotics I was going under the knife the immediately Sunday.  I honestly didn't care about the restriction, I still didn't want to eat.  As days came, the word was constantly, "Well, we'll see how you look tomorrow."  Translation: you're stuck here for now because we don't know what to do with you.  The infection could have been localized to only the incision, or it could have ventured into the breast and caused the seroma to be infected, itself.  YEAH!

Did I mention they don't have internet at QEII?  At least not unless you're a Bell client.  Yeah, that makes sense -_-

I was fortunate enough that my phone had Facebook on it so I could not be 100% cut off from my friends.  My husband's work let him have time off so he could visit me as he pleased and care for our son.  Plus I had several friends visit and bring me movies, books, crosswords, and treats.  I literally had a basket of homemade goodies.  I told that friend she should have worn red so I could start calling her Lil Red Riding Hood - haha!

Long story short, the incision is no longer oozing, it appears closed, the breast is still reddish, but not resembling a stoplight any longer, and my blood pressure is back to normal (it had been 78/49).  I was freed with oral antibiotics and a doctor's appointment for next week.  Now to catch up on missing a week's worth of emails/articles/internet reading/mommy time.  The last is my most missed <3

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