Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thankful on Turkey Day

This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.  We will be roasting turkeys, cooking up veggies, baking up desserts, and enjoying the company of family and friends, if we are of the lucky ones that can.

I am thankful to be here, with my son and husband.  Thankful Mike is not sailing or duty this weekend, thankful our families are close, thankful we have warm shelter, food, and clothes.  Things never work out exactly how you expect them to, but God has a way of giving you exactly what you need when you need it.

A shout out to those who are not so fortunate at this time: their families are split to keep our country and other countries safe (be supportive of them and their families!), they have no money or food and need help (donate to the Food Bank and local charities if you can!!), and those with no shelter or warm clothes (donate your used items to help them year round!).  We are all in this together.  There's only one Earth, she's all we have.  Share her with each other and every living creature blessed to be on her.