Thursday, 9 August 2012

Adventures in Reconstruction: Deconstruction

I've had the pleasure of being stuck in the QEII hospital for 5 days.  My incision on the cancer side gave way...  For the second time (see previous blog Scalpel, Suture,.. Glue).  Unfortunately this happened on Saturday so I had to endure the long weekend in the hospital until my doctor came back on Tuesday.  I was sitting in my hospital bed with an open wound (roughly 2cm x 5cm) from Saturday to Tuesday afternoon.  Sufficed to say, the Uniboob has returned.  The reconstruction has failed.

I did get to keep the implant, more of a momento/show-and-tell than anything else.  Now for me to decide on if I want the latis dorsi or the DIEP for my next move.  The decision is not one I take lightly and as they removed the implant due to exposure, I have three months before anything can be done anyways.

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