Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Is it the right choice?

Right now I have a difficult decision ahead of me.  I may have several options as to what I could have for reconstruction but the version I wanted is not one of them.  At least, it's not recommended.

How do you make a decision that can affect the way you live for the rest of you life when you are completely unsure on all options.  Second opinions are not an option in that I was completely and utterly lucky to even get this information given to me at this point in time.  Do you go for something that is relatively easy but nowhere near what you desire or do you go for something that may be closer to your wants?  Or do you stick to your true desire and go with what is not recommended and risk it all?

I cannot seek help from a lot of people in this instance.  Most have not had these procedures.  Some are still waiting to talk to their specialists.  I hope to find some solace in this weekend as I embark (if the nurse ever gets back to me) on a journey to my first Breast Cancer Retreat in Nova Scotia.  Perhaps I can be lucky again and find more people that can give educated advice.  Perhaps someone can recommend a better course of action.  It's one horrible thing about going through completely unknown territory for not only my life but my age group.  And no matter what, there's a risk that any procedure will not work at all.

Realizing I've been completely vague this entire blog and not meaning to, I saw a plastic surgeon today and he advised me as to what he recommends for procedures for reconstruction on my breast(s).  He also gave me some insight as to what he sees wrong in the system for getting breast cancer survivors in after mastectomies and becoming "delayed" patients.  I think I freaked him out a little with my story about my cancer.  At least he thinks I'm strong.  He didn't hesitate to tell me that I could be strong enough to endure any lengthy surgery.

Do I push for what I want, what could get, or what the doctor thinks I should do?  I guess it's time to start praying harder for answers...

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  1. Not having been through anything even remotely similar, I can only give my gut instinct: Never believe doctors wholeheartedly. Do your own research, do some soul searching. Decide if what they offer is "good enough" for you, or if you'd rather hold out for what you SHOULD have and want. If you will be satisfied with the "good enough", take it. I know from reading your blog that it can take a long damn time - too long - to get reconstruction done. If you refuse this, what are the consequences?