Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Time for Young Women to Rethink Breast Cancer

Thanks to meeting up with YACC, I've been able to meet with many other young adults with cancer.  It's helped with the stress of feeling alone, given strength with knowing others are going through the same issues, and has brought a lot of laughter and great friendships.  But, there's also sometimes groups out there for individual cancers (a local one for breast cancer is BCANS).

One that I have just recently encountered and love their approach is Rethink.  They are trying to connect, educate, inform, and help young women with breast cancer and their families.  Rethink has great programs and events to help young women with breast cancer.  They are making their way into the provinces, this means they may be closer to you than you think!  Give their website a look by clicking here and see everything they have to offer!
(image from Rethink)

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