Thursday, 9 June 2011

Should I laugh?..

If you know me, you know that I have a sense of humour.  Granted, it's pretty much drole humour, I am the victim of my father's humour (shout out to mah Daddy! <3).  Lolcats is one of the best things of all time, to me, I enjoy Family Guy and Big Bang Theory.  So you wouldn't be too surprised to hear me kid about my "condition".

A certain conversation comes to mind:

Person: It was $10 to get to the motel.
Me: Really? It was only $9 for me...
Person: Well you got the Uniboob* discount! (*I'll explain momentarily)
Me: Yup! A dollar off for each boob you're missing! (insert mad laughter here)

Now this is funny to me, and funny things deserve a laugh or a chuckle.  But to some they go pale and start to look around wildly, wondering, "Should I laugh?"

If I can find something humourous about cancer, then by all means laugh with me!  This brings me to the earlier joke.  I have one breast, now.  Whoopee!  Yes, it looks a bit odd, given I wasn't small breasted to start.  So I say to you, "All hail the Uniboob!"  I'm not going to bother with prostheses, I don't want to remember it, and they just feel weird.  I look odd and don't care.  Oh, yes, there's days I long to have two breasts again, I'm a woman, a youngish woman lol, and want to "look pretty and normal".  But until I get the call about reconstruction, Uniboob it is.  I find it amusing.

I told a joke, Lord knows what it was, it was spur of the moment, and people started laughing with me, but then one person looked at me.  Their face went pale and before I know it they said, "Oh, but we shouldn't laugh about that!"  My reply is the same as the point of this post, "Why not?"

Laughter is medicine.  It keeps us sane, it helps you to smile, it makes bad thoughts run screaming, and helps you to cope.  I'd rather laugh at being dis-proportioned now, rather than cry in a corner because I'm lop-sided.

Point being: if someone wants to joke about something, let them.  It's them inviting you to share a happy moment with them.  It's them escaping from their troubles and worries.  So, don't tense up, laugh from your belly, and wipe away tears of joy.

That being said:


  1. My mom always said that you can either give in and cry, or you can laugh. When she was getting treatments done she said that the people who seemed to be faring the best were the ones who laughed and made light of it. Which is not to say that those same people wouldn't be crying later in the day, but...laugh when you can, cry when you need to, find support wherever it is.