Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back, how I hate thee

Adventures with my back since the car accident I was involved in have taken a new route.  I was sent to see a doctor to get injections in my back to help with the pain...  I think they forgot they were supposed to decrease the pain because all I've experienced since they did the injections has been more excruciating pain than before.  I'm severely limited in movement and capabilities since I got them.  And, what would once help, is not anymore.  I don't know what's going on, but cringing in pain all day is not a fashion statement I'd like to continue.  One of my aunts saw me get up out of a chair to go after my son and she said how I seemed to have more difficulty getting out of a chair than she does.  So I look like I'm closer to 65 years old when I get up, not like a 30 year old... great self-image booster there, I tell ya.

If it's not one issue, it's another, for sure :S

Not happy right now, I says!

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