Thursday, 24 November 2011

A request - David Haas "Cancer Support"

As I've stated before, if anyone has something they would like me to touch base on to contact me and I will fit it in somewhere as long as I agree with it.  I was approached by David Haas about just that.  I'll have some notes to follow his blerb:

"Cancer Support for All Stages

Many people concentrate on the physical changes the cancer diagnosis brings; however, strong emotional changes also accompany doctor diagnosis and treatment. Luckily, support can be found from local community support groups and online support. These avenues offer emotional support from start to finish and beyond. Why are these support options so important to recovery and survivors? Because they team people with others who understand the emotions that come hand in hand with all stages of cancer survival, and allow peers to share valuable insight and advice.

The American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute are two such entities that provide support through networking and online forums. These services expose you to a wider array of individuals that you may not have had through local venues alone. Members are encouraged to share their feelings and thoughts regarding every stage of recovery and even after successfully completing treatment. The benefits of networking and online support can help you by providing an outlet for your worries and successes. This is important to every aspect of cancer care as it allows you fight depression and anger by promoting expression of your own emotions. When you hold your emotions in, you can succumb to the feelings of losing control and nervous breakdown.

Finding others who are dealing with general concerns as you are or are fighting and recovering from the same type of cancer can enhance your support experience by opening you up to treatment options and ways to help others that you may not have realized were available. For example, survivors of mesothelioma could form in-person meetings, exchange numbers to check on each other and share new treatment options. There are no limits what this type of support could offer. By finding others who have walked the same path, you will find comfort and the tools to beat emotional turmoil.

There are times when you may think no one understands or takes your emotions serious. This causes you to feel alone and sad. With networking and online support, each person you correspond with has been there or is going through the same thing. Many people you meet can lend insight into how to cope with side effects of treatment, and reassure others that the fight is completely worth it. Become involved, not only to gain support but to enhance your experience by offering your support as well.

In Canada there are support groups out there as well.  If you need help finding one let me know and I'll see what I can find for you.  There is YACC, Young Adult Cancer Canada that helps people from 15-39 years old find that connection for all cancer types.  For Breast Cancer, there is Rethink Breast Cancer and BCANS (who hosts Pink Panthers Support Group in Halifax area).  The best thing we can do is spread the word about what support structures are out there, not just financial, because what a lot of us need is just to talk to someone that truly understands. =)

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