Monday, 16 May 2011

Colds, pain, and skin loss

Yuh, this is more of an update post than anything else.  The head cold that's going around was first caught by my son, and now Mike and I have it.  Just annoying.  After I get my Max vitamins and supplements in me I start feeling sooo much better, at least.

Adventures in pain continue with my back, but on the bright side my insurance company is being reasonable.  I'm going to be getting an evaluation done again to see where I really stand.. (I guess the pun is unintentional but very much applies lol).

And lastly: O Radiation, how I hate thee!  The rest of the skin is all going red and rough.  More skin has rubbed off from my underarm and is starting to dissipate under the void that was once my breast.  I know they said it would get worse because the damage radiation does to your body continues for days (sometimes weeks) after you stop being exposed, but you always hope it won't happen.

Off to go have some chickie soup and lay down with a kitty at my side.. or two if I let Id (the small and annoying tabby) join Gourry (my male tuxedo) and I.  Hopefully Archer stays down for his nap, so I can sneak in some shut-eye.  Wish me luck!

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