Saturday, 7 May 2011

Life as I know it

Once I thought I had enough problems.  Then I was involved in a car accident (and I'm still waiting on the settlement years later), and thought I had enough problems.  Brought a wonderful son into the world and had to try to balance this new life and my injuries, and thought I had enough problems.  That changed once more with a diagnosis in September 2010.  I had had a lump in my breast since that March, but it was mastitis, right?  I had just stopped breast feeding my son, and it was so painful, must be something simple.  Simple yes, what I expected, no.  Ductal Carcinoma, breast cancer.  12 cm x 12 cm big.  With my husband and 11 month old son in tow I started to learn what people go through after they're given a diagnosis they never wanted or expected.

Two surgeons visits and an oncologist visit later, I'm going to be starting six rounds of chemotherapy and most likely a mastectomy to follow.

I thankfully started a new supplement and it helped a lot.  (Did you know you cannot say if a supplement actually helped prevent or cure anything because of the FDA?  If they just discovered that vitamin C cured scurvy now it would be illegal to say it out loud because of their ruling. Makes sense, eh?)  So all I'm going to say is that I went through chemo with lots of energy, ate normally, and somehow my tumour shrank really really rapidly, maybe it was something different and new that I was taking, maybe it wasn't.

After the last chemo I met up with my surgeon and discussed what happened next.  The tumour was on 4x3x2 cm big in the scans but I opted for mastectomy.  Off with her breast!!  That was scheduled for mid February 2011.

More visits to various doctors...

Now I'm told I need radiation...  The tumour is removed, no signs of cancer other than it, the lymphnodes were all clean, but lets see how much we can beat this! (Me = Dead Horse, Cancer treatments now = Beating) Yup.  How much radiation?  One week?  Two?  Nope, sign me up for 25 treatments, so that's visiting the hospital everyday for 5 weeks, oh joy!

I've one more week of radiation.

Well there's more to say, but that's a nutshell.  More to come from the Uniboob! ;)

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